The origins of Chellaram Foundation can be traced back to the formation of the Kishinchand Chellaram Educational Trust over 70 years ago by my grandfather, the late Mr Kishinchand Chellaram. Understanding the power of education to break the chains of poverty, he supported the development of a number of educational institutions that thrive to this day.  

His legacy was built upon by my father, Mr Lokumal Chellaram, who founded the Lokumal Kishinchand Charity Trust in 1980 to support a wide spectrum of good causes.  

My wife Shobhna and I formed Chellaram Foundation in 2000 to bring together and give impetus to our various philanthropic activities under a global umbrella.  The Foundation is registered in India, UK, Hong Kong and in Gibraltar (Southern Europe).  

The projects supported by Chellaram Foundation are broad-ranging which we classify under the following areas – our7 Directions”:

  • Health

  • Education

  • Children and Youth initiatives

  • Arts, Music and Culture

  • Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief

  • Environment

  • Animal Welfare and Vegetarianism

Further details of organisations we support and some of the remarkable people behind them can be found in the next section of this website.  


Lal L Chellaram