We are an integral part of the animal kingdom. The conservation of species is of fundamental importance to humanity’s own survival. The cruelty suffered by animals to feed human avarice is abhorrent.

The world’s growing demand for meat is simply unsustainable. Not only resulting in horrific conditions for animals but resulting in the decimation of natural environments, global warming and contributing to poor health outcomes.

Below you will find some examples of donations made is this area of focus.

Durell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Mauritius Kestrel Adult Critically Endangered

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust has a mission to save species from extinction. Durrell Wildlife works with local governments, communities and other conservation organisations in countries across the globe to save animals and their environments. One of many examples of saving animal species from extinction would be that of the Mauritius kestrel. A species once reduced to only four birds, it has been saved from extinction thanks to the efforts of the Durrell Wildlife Trust.

The Elephant Foundation – Saving These Majestic Creature

African Elephant, Masai Mara National Park, Kenya.

The Elephant Foundation is an anti-poaching and conservation charity based in Hong Kong with a particular interest in the conservation of African elephants in East Africa. It is determined to end illegal wildlife trade and acts of poaching.  This is through education and awareness initiatives and from fund raising efforts of organisations working on the ground in East Africa and Asia to protect endangered species. The Elephant Foundation supports local communities to ensure they have a long-term advantage in conservation.

Chellaram Foundation has contributed HKD 25,000 towards the education programme for the conservation of African elephants and rhinos.

Colin Dawson is the founder of the Elephant Foundation which he established to “speak up for those who can’t answer for themselves”.