Many children from disadvantaged backgrounds or through disabilities are condemned to suffer whereas with some support they could blossom and live fulfilling lives as valuable members of society. Chellaram Foundation partners with organisations that strive to help protect vulnerable children and nurture those that are handicapped and come from underprivileged backgrounds.

Poverty Relief for School Children in National Food Feeding Programme

Sao Tome 3

Chellaram Foundation has teamed up with the United Nations World Food Programme to bring food poverty relief to school children in the underprivileged African state of Sao Tome and Principe.

With much of its population hovering around the poverty line, the Covid crisis has hit incomes hard with devastating effects on the poor, disabled and elderly.  Schools have been closed with little prospect of reopening unless children can be fed.

Through the World Food Programme, the Foundation has made a donation of US$700,000 to provide 25,000 children with at least one nutritious meal a day for 8 months.  For these children it means they can resume an education which gives them some hope of breaking the shackles of poverty.

SANKALP – Centre for Disabilities

Sankalp Centre For Disabilities

SANKALP Centre for Disabilities was established in India in 1994 by Dr Rekha Kumar to provide a learning environment for intellectually challenged, speech and hearing-impaired children often with multi-disabilities and unable to access mainstream education.

Chellaram Foundation has been supporting SANKALP for a number of years with grants and equipment supporting SANKALP’s dedicated speech therapy unit, the only one of its kind in the whole region.

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Childline UK – Computer Update for Online Support

Upset Lonely Child Sitting By Himself On The Elementary School Grounds

Childline UK is a leading children’s charity fighting to end child abuse and neglect.  It provides a free 24-hour helpline and online chat service, available every day of the year staffed by highly trained counsellors.   The computer monitors at 12 Childline bases required updating. Chellaram Foundation donated GBP 33,000 for this purpose.

Youth Diabetes Association – Supporting Children Affected by Diabetes


YDA is a charity dedicated to supporting children and adolescents with diabetes and their families in Hong Kong.  YDA was set up in 2001 with the vision that no child should be held back because of diabetes. Its aim is to provide support and information for every child, adolescent and family affected by diabetes.

Chellaram Foundation has donated over HK$ 100,000 to YDA during 2019 -20 supporting its fund raising events and has funded a pilot programme for Continuous Glucose Management (CGM) for needy children with diabetes in Hong Kong.

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Help the Blind Foundation – Scholarships for the Visually Impaired

Child Using Braille To Read At School

Help the Blind Foundation (HTBF) provides visually impaired students in India access to higher education along with training to develop the knowledge and skills they would need to obtain employment and develop their careers.

Chellaram Foundation has partnered with HTBF to provide scholarships to visually impaired students and achievement incentives.

This enables visually impaired students from poor economic background from all over India to obtain a university education, become self-sufficient and support their families.

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Sensational consultancy – Supporting young people with diff abilities

Sensational Consultancy

SENsational Consultancy Limited enables equal opportunities for people with diff-abilities (disabilities).  Its mission is ‘to create an inclusive working environment for all’.

The Consultancy provides training, workshops, simulation experiences, panel discussions and social events for companies, whilst offering mentorship programmes, workshops and ongoing support for people with disabilities.

As part of its Children and Youth Initiatives directive, Chellaram Foundation has donated HKD 100,000 to SENsational Consultancy.

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