Chellaram Foundation works with partners with a strong focus on improving the delivery of high-impact health and services to some of the world’s poorest communities. Chellaram Foundation collaborates with organisations that are leading the fight against diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Our donations include funding of health infrastructure and medical devices. We provide support in geographies where government organisations may have difficulty in reaching its inhabitants.

Below you will find some examples of donations made in this area of focus.

Empowering the Down Syndrome and autistic community in Hong Kong

Empowering The Down Syndrome And Autistic Community Hong Kong

Love 21 Foundation runs sport, nutrition and holistic support programmes for Down syndrome and autistic children. Often ignored by society these children can suffer from loneliness, frustration and poor fitness.

The programmes encourage movement helping the children with their physical fitness and mental well-being. The classes allow these children to feel accepted within a safe community where they can nurture friendships and feel loved.

Chellaram Foundation has provided funding for the running of the Love 21 classes complemented by the purchase of Fitbit watches.

SAGE – Interactive Rehabilitation Systems

Sage – Interactive Réhabilitation Systems 1

A donation of HK$160,000 has been made to The HK Society for the Aged (SAGE) for the purchase of two interactive rehabilitation systems.

These systems have proven highly effective in pulling frail elderly people from feelings of distress and worthlessness.

The Sand Play interactive system promotes cognitive and sensory therapy for the unmotivated elderly in a virtual sand play environment.

The GoPOD interactive system provides cognitive training, knowledge learning, fitness and social training to the mentally and physically incapacitated elderly.

Research on human pancreas in diabetes

Staff Portrait

Dr. Suresh Chari is a world-renowned expert in pancreatic diseases with over 250 publications to his name.  He is currently Professor of Medicine at the Anderson Cancer Centre in Houston and is the President Elect of the International Association of Pancreatology.  He is currently undertaking ground-breaking research into the onset of diabetes as an early marker of pancreatic cancer.

Chellaram Foundation has donated US$100,000 for carrying out a research led by Dr Chari entitled “Investigations of the human pancreas in Diabetes Mellitus associated with type 2 diabetes, chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer”.

Supporting Covid-19 Patients

Gibraltar Health Authority

The Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) delivers primary, secondary and mental healthcare in Gibraltar.

The Chellaram family has strong roots in Gibraltar dating back to 1920 and recognises the important contribution of the GHA in Gibraltar.

Chellaram Foundation is pleased to support the local health authority in its quest to deliver world-class healthcare, donating GBP 19,000 to procure syringe drivers for the treatment of Covid-19 and cancer patients.

Project Maji, Ghana – Access to safe water


Project Maji brings sustainable access to safe water across rural sub-Saharan Africa through solar-powered water kiosks. Since 2015, Project Maji has provided sustainable safe water to over sixty thousand people in Ghana and Kenya, pumping millions of litres of water each year.

The impact of clean water on improving health and economic well-being cannot be underestimated. The women in Project Maji impacted villages are now building better futures for themselves, their children and their community.

Chellaram Foundation donated USD 11,000 to Project Maji’s remarkable initiatives in Ghana. In addition to providing access to clean water, Project Maji has embarked on an initiative to maintain hygiene in village communities since the outbreak of Covid-19.

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International Diabetes Summit

International Diabetes Summit, India

Diabetes is increasing in epidemic proportions worldwide. In India alone, more than 73 million people have diabetes. It is imperative that healthcare providers are equipped with the expertise for improved management of diabetes and its associated complications

Chellaram Diabetes Institute (CDI), which is part of Chellaram Foundation, India has organised a summit for three consecutive years bringing together best-in-class speakers from leading diabetes institutions with the objective of sharing best practices and breakthroughs in diabetes care. Scientific experts and researchers from the following institutions have participated in the International Diabetes Summit:

  • Mayo Clinic – USA
  • Karolinska Institute – Sweden
  • Imperial College – UK
  • University of Virginia – USA
  • Dusseldorf University – Germany