Chellaram Foundation works with partners with a strong focus on improving the delivery of high-impact health and services to some of the world’s poorest communities. Chellaram Foundation collaborates with organisations that are leading the fight against diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Our donations include funding of health infrastructure and medical devices. We provide support in geographies where government organisations may have difficulty in reaching its inhabitants.

Below you will find some examples of donations made in this area of focus.

International Diabetes Summit

International Diabetes Summit, India

Diabetes is increasing in epidemic proportions worldwide. In India alone, more than 73 million people have diabetes. It is imperative that healthcare providers are equipped with the expertise for improved management of diabetes and its associated complications

Chellaram Diabetes Institute (CDI), which is part of Chellaram Foundation, India has organised a summit for three consecutive years bringing together best-in-class speakers from leading diabetes institutions with the objective of sharing best practices and breakthroughs in diabetes care. Scientific experts and researchers from the following institutions have participated in the International Diabetes Summit:

  • Mayo Clinic – USA
  • Karolinska Institute – Sweden
  • Imperial College – UK
  • University of Virginia – USA
  • Dusseldorf University – Germany

Oracle Cancer Trust – Research For Neck Cancer

Oracle Cancer Trust

Oracle Cancer Trust is the UK’s leading national charity funding head and neck cancer research. In the past ten years, Oracle has invested significant resources in world-class research programmes discovering new and improved treatments with fewer immediate and long-term side effects for patients suffering from head and neck cancer.

Chellaram Foundation has signed an MOU with Oracle Cancer Trust to fund a research grant of GBP 145,000 for improving the treatment of neck cancer.

Diabetes UK – Novel therapy for improved wound healing

Diabetes Uk

Chellaram Foundation and Diabetes UK have combined forces to fund Professor Mirela Delibegovic and the University of Aberdeen for research on a novel therapy for improved wound healing in diabetes. The research will be conducted over a two-year period. Chellaram Foundation will contribute a total of GBP 121,000 towards the research.