Much of the world is ravaged by poverty, destitution and disease, stemming from both human failings and natural causes.  We will support organisations that are working on the ground to provide water, food, shelter and healthcare in such places. 

Below are some examples of donations made in this area of focus.

Bombay Mother and Child Welfare Society

Bombay Mother And Child Welfare Society

The Bombay Mother and Child Welfare Society is a public charitable trust that is now 100 years old. It provides healthcare, education and vocational training to the most deprived in society through its low-cost hospitals, accommodation for cancer patients, city centre crèches for working mothers and educational facilities.  It operates a low cost and sustainable development programme in 92 rural villages, transforming communities with interventions in health, hygiene, education, vocational training and environment

Chellaram Foundation has contributed INR 34 lacs (approx US$ 47,000) to support this remarkable organisation.

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Nuevo Hogar Betania, Spain – Shelter and Food for the Poor and Vulnerable

Nuevo Hogar Betania

Nuevo Hogar Betania (NBH) is a not for profit organisation operating mainly in La Linea, Spain. NBH runs programmes geared towards reducing hunger, supporting those with drug addiction, housing for the vulnerable and career coaching programs.

NBH’s services have been making a significant impact on the local community, one of the poorest in Spain.  Many charitable organisations have sought NBH’s support including the Red Cross.

Chellaram Foundation has supported NBH over a number of its campaigns including contributing Euro 31,312 for the purchase of an isothermal and refrigeration van for food distribution.

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Earthquake Relief – Nepal

Sankhu Village Which Was Severly Damaged After The Major Earthquake On 25 April 2015

The April 2015 Nepal earthquake killed 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000 people. It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since 1934. Furthermore, the earthquake triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest, where 250 people were reported missing.

GBP 17,000 was donated to organisations such as Unicef, Red Cross and World Vision that carried out relief efforts in Nepal in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Nishkamswat – Community Kitchens


NishkamSWAT is a 100% voluntary humanitarian-air organisation founded in 2008 that looks after the immediate needs of the homeless. NishkamSWAT serves 5,000 meals per week in 24 locations largely in the UK through community kitchens.

The organisation has expanded its services 3-fold to meet the demands placed on it as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chellaram Foundation was pleased to extend its support to facilitate NishkamSWAT’s ability to serve the community.

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Cyclone Fani – India

Huge Damage Aftermath Of Extreme Severe Cyclonic Storm Fani Hits Puri Odisha India

Goonj is a not for profit organisation headquartered in Delhi, India. Goonj has been able to make significant impact on numerous communities throughout India in disaster relief, education, access to water and sanitation.

In May 2019, cyclone Fani struck the Indian state of Odisha. As a result, many lost their lives. Electricity supply and telecommunication were considerably damaged. Over a million inhabitants needed to be evacuated and shelter homes needed to be built.

Chellaram Foundation identified Goonj as a strong partner in supporting the recovery of the great people of Odisha and made a contribution to enable Goonj to deliver the much-needed relief.