In Gibraltar and the surrounding area in Spain our work has been mainly in social areas. A main focus has been a local charity – Nuevo Hogar Betania which provides help and support to the needy in the nearby area.

Nuevo Hogar Betania is a Non-Profit Organization based in one of the poorest areas in Spain, the town which borders Gibraltar, La Linea de la Concepcion. The organization was formed in 2011 with only 2 people and now employs 25 (as well as relying on numerous volunteers). It offers a very wide range of support to vulnerable individuals of all nationalities, facing (or in danger of) social exclusion. These include: The homeless, ex-convicts, victims of physical and mental abuse, human trafficking, migrants, children in high-risk situations, those suffering from alcohol and drug issues.

As well as offering residential assistance, it currently runs 25 different social support programmes across Spain (including in 3 prisons) to cover other basic needs. These include medical, legal, social, educational and psychological issues. It also organizes conferences to raise awareness &/or train people in respect of major social issues.

Nuevo Hogar Betania offers 24-hour assistance, having helped 5,367 individuals in 2018. On a daily basis (if note specified otherwise) this is as follows:

  • Soup Kitchen which provides lunch and dinner to an average 320 people
  • Social Hostel – shorts stays with capacity for 26 people. 292 people accepted YTD
  • Residential Centre – allowing for 1-year stay, 27 people
  • Women’s Shelter – currently houses 4 women and 5 minors
  • Drop-in Day Centre – providing free meals and showers: caters for 89 people
  • Advisory services to assist with seeking government and charitable aid/subsidies, etc – 163 people YTD
  • Active Job Seeking Programme – average 15 people
  • Assistance to homeless people, via a mobile unit – approx. 45 people/day
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