In India we have established significant educational and health facilities as below.

Chellaram Hospital – Diabetes Care & Multispeciality is a Unit of Chellaram Diabetes Institute. Since its inception, the hospital continues its focus on offering the best-in-class Diabetes care under one roof to its patients. Our expert Diabetologists leverage state-of-the-art diagnostic and interventional tools to provide both acute and long-term management of diabetes and its related complications. Recently, we have added the Multispecialty Care Program to our services. Our Multispecialty services include Opthalmology (Eye), Endocrinology (Glands), Dialysis and Nephrology (Kidney), Cardiology (Heart) and Podiatry (Foot). With our expanded services – Bariatric Surgery (for weight loss), Gastroenterology, General surgery, Orthopedics, ENT and Gynecology Services, Chellaram Hospital now provides comprehensive and end-to- end patient care under one roof.

Kishinchand Chellaram Educational Trust – The Trust provides direct scholarships to deserving students to help them complete their education and pursue higher studies for the fulfillment of their ambitions. To further this cause through this Trust, various educational institutions have been set up, including the following well recognized ones:

  • Kishinchand Chellaram College of Arts, Science and Commerce.
  • Kishinchand Chellaram College of Law.
  • Kishinchand Chellaram Computer Centre at ADAPT, Mumbai.
  • Sri. Lokumal Kishinchand Chellaram Computer Centre at Vishwa Santhi Vidyalaya, Kotagiri.

In addition we also assist in many social projects through Lokumal Kishinchand Charity Trust for example:

  • Providing medical relief to foster rural development programmes.
  • Purchase of medical equipment.
  • Construction of clinics.
  • Helping the poor/needy.
  • Aiding the marriages of girls belonging to underprivileged and downtrodden families

Our work in India can be viewed at the following websites:

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