Based in Hong Kong, In Harmony Arts and Culture Limited (IHAC) is committed to promoting Indian classical and folk music and fostering interactions between Indian and music from other cultures.

In May 2019, IHAC produced “Raaga and Rhythm”, a unique concert that brought together 35 musicians and 9 vocalists blending traditional and popular Indian music with jazz, symphonic and Chinese music. The concert featured child prodigy Rahul Vellal, playback singer Ronkini Gupta, guitar legend Eugene Pao and erhu (Chinese violin) virtuoso, Jessie Hou.

Chellaram Foundation was pleased to contribute over HK$ 440,000 in support of the event.

Jayang Jhaveri

Jayang Jhaveri is the Chairman of In Harmony Arts and Culture. He is a technology consultant with an MBA from London Business School.  From an early age, Jayang was a pupil of legendary Indian classical vocalist, Gaanasaraswani Kishori Amonkar. He has produced and presented several concerts of Indian music in Hong Kong, featuring collaborations with renowned jazz musicians and the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong.  He regards it as his spiritual duty to propagate the music of India to global audiences.