SANKALP Centre for Disabilities was established in India in 1994 by Dr Rekha Kumar to provide a learning environment for intellectually challenged, speech and hearing-impaired children often with multi-disabilities and unable to access mainstream education.

Chellaram Foundation has been supporting SANKALP for a number of years with grants and equipment supporting SANKALP’s dedicated speech therapy unit, the only one of its kind in the whole region.

Dr Rekha Kumar

Dr Rekha Kumar has dedicated her life to working with children with special needs. She makes it her mission to create awareness of their abilities so that they are not denied the opportunities and quality of life that they deserve.  The love she receives from these children who she regards as her family is evident to all that are privileged to witness her work.

Her tireless efforts have earned her the position of an honorary advisor to the State Government on disability, health, gender, human dignity, children and women’s rights committees.