The Bombay Mother and Child Welfare Society is a public charitable trust that is now 100 years old. It provides healthcare, education and vocational training to the most deprived in society through its low-cost hospitals, accommodation for cancer patients, city centre crèches for working mothers and educational facilities.  It operates a low cost and sustainable development programme in 92 rural villages, transforming communities with interventions in health, hygiene, education, vocational training and environment

Chellaram Foundation has contributed INR 34 lacs (approx US$ 47,000) to support this remarkable organisation.

Dr. Madhav Sathe

Under Dr. Madhav Sathe’s leadership, The Bombay Mother and Child Welfare Society has made a paradigm shift from charity to self-sustaining social enterprise. He has done away with the tag of “not for profit” and instead has introduced the principle of “not for loss”.  As a social entrepreneur, he has been able to create a self-sustaining organisation with the power to transform the lives of thousands of deprived people in Maharashtra.