Nuevo Hogar Betania (NBH) is a not for profit organisation operating mainly in La Linea, Spain. NBH runs programmes geared towards reducing hunger, supporting those with drug addiction, housing for the vulnerable and career coaching programs.

NBH’s services have been making a significant impact on the local community, one of the poorest in Spain.  Many charitable organisations have sought NBH’s support including the Red Cross.

Chellaram Foundation has supported NBH over a number of its campaigns including contributing Euro 31,312 for the purchase of an isothermal and refrigeration van for food distribution.

Begoña Arana Álvarez

Begoña Arana Álvarez is the director of Nuevo Hogar Betania. She graduated in Social Work and has a degree in Criminology and Public Safety from the University of Cádiz. From the age of 17, Begoña has worked with the most disadvantaged people, dedicating much of her time to searching for alternatives to improve life for those most in need, in places such as the Algeciras Penitentiary Centre and as a member of the Campo de Gibraltar child and youth protection team.